Terms and Conditions of Travelling

Please, observe the Terms and Conditions of Travel, which are valid on the whole operational area of the Zugliget Chairlift. 

You can use the Chairlift service only with valid chairlift tickets purchased from the ticket vendors at the premises or from contractual partners of BKV or at the snack bars of Zugliget Chairlift. No other tickets or passes, no travel cards, pensioner’s certificates, no documents entitling the holder for free travel can be used on Zugliget Chairlift. 

All Chairlift tickets are valid for two trips in any direction during the opening time of Zugliget Chairlift. The ticket is valid for one year from the date of the purchase, and in case you use it for one trip only on the day of the purchase, you can use it for another trip in any direction within the year. Lost tickets will not be replaced. Please, hand over your ticket for validation to the ticket inspector for his request.

Children under 3 may travel free of charge sitting on the lap of the accompanying adult. Children between 3 - 14 years of age may use the chairlift with Child two trips ticket. Children under 10 may travel exclusively if accompanied by an adult (18+) who possesses a full-price two trips ticket.  Young passengers between 15-25 may use Student two trips tickets only if they show up their student card, too. 

Redemption of chairlift tickets is possible only if the Chairlift is out of service due to technical reasons (which make operation impossible, e.g. bad weather conditions lasting longer than 60 minutes, technical error, black out or official lock). If the passenger request redemption of his/her partially used ticket (i.e., he/she used it the for the first trip), BKV Zrt refunds 50 % of the purchase price.  In possession of a valid ticket, in case the passenger cannot or does not wish to use it for the return trip on the day of the purchase, he can use it for a single trip within a year. The lost tickets cannot be replaced. How to redeem the ticket: tickets, which are still valid for at least one trip, but not used due to technical reasons, please, send by post to the following address: BKV Zrt.  Turisztikai szolgáltatási csoport, 1980 Budapest Akácfa u. 15. Add your name and your bank account number so that we could return you the ticket price. 

Capacity of the chair:
a) maximum two adults;
b) an adult and at most two children under 10;
c) an adult and a child under 10 and one piece of hand luggage (e.g. a stroller).

The chairs of the cableway are in motion during boarding and alighting, thus everyone can use the Chairlift only at their own risk. The safety of a child under 10 is the responsibility of the accompanying adult. When boarding, the passengers must lower the safety barrier of the chair to the full extent the and keep it lowered throughout the journey. (The correct use can be tried on the demonstration chair at the covered part of Zugliget valley station.) When alighting, it is also the passenger, who has to lift the safety barrier. 

It is forbidden to enter the technical area closed from passengers. For safety reasons, passengers have to alight the chairs at both stations in every case, and they have to queue up again for the return trip at the boarding area.

Transport of hand luggage, skis, sledge, stroller, children’s bicycle

Each passenger in possession of a ticket is entitled to carry at most one piece of 40x50x60 cm hand luggage with maximum weight of 10 kg, or a pair of skis and ski poles. Strollers – as hand luggage – can be transported only if folded, and only by passengers having full-price two trips ticket or Student two trips ticket. 

A children’s bicycle not bigger than the dimensions of hand-luggage or 1 sledge can be transported by passengers older than 10 years. Bigger, heavier hand luggage or another parcel as defined above (e.g. bicycle) cannot be transported even by paying fee. Lack of the conditions of safe travel may make the transport of the luggage or even the travel impossible. In this case, please, send back your ticket by post to the following address: BKV Zrt.  Turisztikai szolgáltatási csoport 1980 Budapest Akácfa u. 15.

In case a storm promising a lasting one, at the discretion of the plant manager, the chairlift can be closed even for the whole day. Between 1 November and 31 March (in case of small number of passengers) the plant manager may decide to start the Chairlift every hour (every full hour).

On the chairs of the cableway living animals (e.g. a small dogs) can be carried in a closed pet carrier not bigger than the size of the hand luggage, by purchasing a full-price two trips ticket. The passenger carrying the living animal is responsible for the animal, and he shall ensure that the animal during the journey shall not be released under any circumstances. Any deviation from this is strictly prohibited! 

At the stations of the A Zugligeti Chairlift it is forbidden:
• to stay in the area beyond opening hours;
• to carry out commercial activities without a permit;
• to disturb other passengers by making noise or by any other activity;
• behave in a scandalous and/or offensive way
• to enter the designated boarding area 

During the trip it is forbidden:
• to smoke;
• to eat or drink;
• to lift the safety bar of the chairs;
• to stand up on the chair or its foothold, or to lean forward too far;
• to swing the chair;
• to throw litter or any object from the chair, to damage the cableway or its accessories.

Reasons for exclusion from the trip:
•  failing to show up a valid ticket at boarding;
•  scandalous and/or offensive behaviour;
•  lack of an adult escort possessing a full-price ticket of a child under 10 years;
•  a condition of very limited mobility, or drunk or intoxicated state;
•  intention to transport an object which cannot be qualified as hand luggage;
•  not being capable of transporting the hand luggage according to the decision of the operating staff of Zugliget Chairlift;
•  intention to board with ice cream or a drink in a glass or open can which cannot be closed, etc. 

Please, observe our TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRAVEL for the sake of safe travel, and please, follow the instructions of the operating staff.  Violators may, in extreme cases, be excluded from the trip.  Any damage will be subject to official proceedings. BKV Zrt. shall not be liable for the consequences thereof.