Riverboat Service

Váltás magyar nyelvre

Service temporarily  suspended.

Unforgettable experience with unique panorama from the Danube.

Spend an hour with us on the Danube and enjoy the sights of the capital city from a perspective where only a few can see it. You can see historic locations, wonderful view, amazing architectural artworks with tourist guide information. 



  • The above ports are serve during the day.
  • The evening round trips start and return to Kossuth Square and serve no other ports.
  • Daytime tickets are valid between 10.00-18.00 (17.55)
  • Separate tickets have to be purchased for the night round trips.



  • Evening no bicycle or dog can be transported.

Round trip: Kossuth Lajos Square - Margaret Island Centennial Monument – Várkert bazár – Petőfi Square – Kossuth Lajos Square