To the kind attention of our passengers with physical disability


The management of our Company makes efforts to realize equal transport opportunities for physically disabled people.

We operate low floor buses and trolleybuses on several routes in the capital, low floor trams on the Nagykörút and now we are pleased to offer you our special door-to-door bus service, which we operate in a taxi-like system. We launched this service on 12th April 2010 with 5 minibuses type Renault Master 2,5 dCl which were specially designed to help our passengers with reduced mobility to reach one part of the city from the other part.

To make transport for our physically challenged passengers as simple and easy as possible one of the minibuses is equipped with a ramp and four ones with hydraulic lifts and there are special handholds in the passenger compartment. Of course, all five vehicles are air-conditioned. The seats are moveable on a so-called rail system, so the passenger compartment can be re-arranged to meet every requirement. There is convenient room for 14 people or for 4 wheelchairs and 4 or 5 attendants besides them.

The new minibuses serve our passengers from 12th April 2010 in a door-to-door system. Passengers who wish to use this service have to call the Budapesti Közlekedési Központ (BKK), phone number: +36 20 499-8340.