Innovative solutions, developments and investments

2023-01-25 11:15:00

Environmental and climate protection, energy efficiency and reducing our ecological footprint are our assignments as well as our common interests. BKV also deems the vision of a cleaner and more liveable future fundamental and to be upheld, and we aim to reflect these principles likewise in the context of our developments and investments.

Our endeavours to prioritize renewable energy sources and ensure a cleaner and more liveable environment can foster realizing the environmental and climate protection goals of Budapest.

For a sustainable public transportation, all through our rolling stock acquisition and renewal, we apply state-of-the-art technology wherever possible. With our vehicles designed according to the expectations of the capital city, we intend to give a competitive answer to the social requirements of our time.


Throughout our track constructions and renovations, we focus on technical solutions that have a beneficial environmental impact, are suitable from an urbanistic point of view, are noise and vibration dampened, have a long service life, requiring minimal maintenance.

In the course of our building reconstructions, we pay special attention to the protection of the heritage of our built environment and to the preservation of the values entrusted to us. In our new constructions, we meet the conditions for long-term sustainable and economical operation by employing solutions with the most efficient energetic characteristics on site.

Our major investments:

  • The renovated and barrier-free Deák Ferenc tér and Ferenciek tere stations on metro line M4
  • Year-end record of 2022: two new buses per day at BKV
  • BKV is constantly looking for opportunities to renew its vehicle fleet
  • Low-floor vehicles serving tram line No. 50 from September 2022
  • Overhaul of the Zugliget Chairlift
  • The arrival of 100 new Mercedes buses to BKV
  • The renovation of Buda Castle Funicular
  • The modernized TW tram with track number 1624 
  • Barrier-free access on metro line M3
  • Inauguration of the first component of the intertwining tram network on the Pest side
  • An innovative solution for sustainability - solar-powered bus storage facility in Kelenföld