BKV – Our activity

2023-01-25 11:22:00

BKV Zrt. is the biggest service provider for public transportation in Budapest, steeped in tradition. With a rolling stock of more than two thousand vehicles, including buses and trolleybuses (rubber wheel sector) as well as trams and metro trains, our ten thousand employees work every day to help passengers travelling in the capital city reach their destination quickly and conveniently. The touristic highlights Buda Castle Funicular and Zugliget Chairlift are also operated by BKV. Public service commercial s

The rubber wheel sector is operated by the Bus and Trolleybus Operation Directorate. Five depots across diverse spots of the capital city release nearly one thousand buses and one hundred and fifty trolleybuses into traffic day by day. One of these, the Kelenföld bus depot, is an industrial monument, which was the world’s largest hall with a stretched shell structure at its inauguration in 1949.

On account of the continuous development of the rolling stock, Budapest is presently served by low-floor buses only.

Besides ensuring traffic in accordance with the established schedule, the Bus and Trolleybus Operation Directorate is also dedicated to preserve the memorabilia of transport culture by the maintenance of heritage vehicles and by constructing specialities like the Ikarus 293 replica with double articulation.

The iron wheel sector, operated by the Railroad Operation Directorate, is represented by more than one thousand vehicles alike.

Above 600 trams run on 32 tram lines. Tram line No. 4-6, serving the Grand Boulevard day and night by Combinos - cityscape icons themselves -, is counted among the busiest tram lines in Europe. Tram line No. 2, running on the Danube Promenade, is ranked as one of the most beautiful tram lines in the world.

Budapest is crossed by four metro lines. M1, Millennium Underground Railway, was inaugurated in 1896 as the first underground railway line in continental Europe. It is not merely means of everyday urban transport with a big volume of traffic, but, with its renovated stations evoking the original splendour, also a popular sight among visitors. Our newest metro line M4 is served by automated vehicles. The innovative architectural solutions of the stations of this metro line have received a number of domestic and international professional acclaim.

BKV Zrt. operates its fixed track cableway means of transport, the Buda Castle Funicular – a part of the World Heritage – and the Zugliget Chairlift, mainly for tourist purposes. In addition to this public service, we also carry out special services by our tourist buses, by our vehicles in traffic and our heritage vehicles.

BKV has 10 passenger boats, all of which are suitable for public transport, for sightseeing and for holding various events.