How to become a pro hiker?

Where to set off?

If you felt like tasting the world of hiking, just give a look to people who own this activity as a lifestyle.
The Budapest Sports Alliance of Nature-lovers welcomes everyone who would like to hike in the nature – on foot, by bike or even on ski-boards -, to wander in caves and everyone who makes a point of protecting nature.
The Alliance organizes regular tours for young and old people and it befriends everyone to get acquainted with nature’s treasures and to get immersed in the culture of hiking, i.e. to become a professional hiker. 
Visit the website www.btssz.hu where you can select walking-tours or bike-tours, hikers’ orientation rallies, baby carriage walks, kite-flying, cave visits or extreme capacity testing tours as well, according to your taste, your age and the condition of your muscles. Check out the Alliance’s annual event calendar for events you and your loved ones are interested in.

What to pay attention to?

Hiking has its own evolved culture. There are some rules we all have to observe in order to live in harmony with the nature and to preserve the Earth for the future generations. 
Forests and fields are habitat of a world of animal and plant species. We need to protect these areas in order to maintain nature’s balance. Do not litter, do not bluster, keep springs, creeks and retreat areas clean. Take waste along and depose it on the designated spots of built-up areas, do not throw burning objects away and do not light a fire.
If you observe these rules, you can preserve the treasures, for yourself and others as well, which are indispensable to the life of animals, plants and human beings alike.
However, environmental awareness is not only important if you are walking in the woods. Strive to have as little ecological footprint as possible. Be environmentally aware when shopping, handling the waste produced by you and in the transportation. When being in the city, opt for public transportation, walking or cycling.

The Earth is your home. Take care of it!


Infection caused by ticks may be very dangerous to health. It is worth meeting the family doctor and asking for immunization against it. However, if you have not been immunized, never forget to check it after the trip, whether any undesired fellow passengers have joined you.