Terms and Conditions of Travelling on the Funicular

Please comply with the Terms and Conditions of Travelling applicable on the whole operational area of the Funicular.

Only tickets issued by BKV Zrt. purchasable at the dedicated ticket office are valid for travelling on the Buda-Castle Funicular. The ticket is valid for an uphill and a downhill journey, and available for one year counting from the date of purchase.  Other tickets or passes of BKK Zrt. (as the public transport organizer in Budapest), travel certificates or other documents certifying the right for travel free do not apply to the Funicular.
When crossing the boundary line of the platform area, tickets must be validated with the ticket validating machine. Once it is validated the ticket is not transferable and shall be kept for the whole period of the journey and until leaving the station area.

Tickets are refunded only in the case of service disruptions or cancellation due to a technical breakdown, power cut or other external reasons (such as weather condition not permitting safe operation). The Presidential Palace Guard may suspend passenger transport temporarily. In such cases BKV Zrt. will refund the full price of the ticket on the spot, if requested. The unused paper ticket along with the receipt shall be handed over to the cashier otherwise the fare cannot be refunded. Lost ticket unfortunately cannot be replaced.

Small children under the age of 3 may travel free of charge, children from age 3 up to 14 (until the day prior to their 15th birthday) are entitled to buy children ticket.
Children under the age of 6 are to be accompanied by an adult in possession of a full price ticket. An adult may take maximum 2 kids under the age of 3 years.
Pensioner discount is not available.

Staying on the platform is only allowed to when getting on and off. Passengers need to get off at both stations in every case even if they have return tickets because of the specifics of the entry system and they need to join the queue to board again.

Bicycle cannot be transported on the Buda-Castle Funicular.
Government regulation on railways applies to the transportation of pets (e.g. small-sized dogs) on the Buda-Castle Funicular. Pets is allowed to transport free of charge in the carrier bag which size is not exceeding the hand luggage. Having transporting large dogs it is required to purchase a separate full price tickets for them and have to be muzzled on a leash and be in a clean condition.
The following customers will be excluded from travel:

  • children under the age of 6 without an accompanying adult
  • persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • persons who behave inappropriately or in an indecent way
  • who wish to transport an object not qualified as hand-luggage
  • who is not capable for transporting their hand-luggage according to the operator’s judgment
  • who wish to board with ice-cream, an opened bottle, can or cup of drink

 While travelling it is forbidden to

  • smoke, eat, drink in the cabin
  • disturb fellow passengers with noise or other activities
  • throw out litter or any other object from the passenger cabin
  • damage the track and its equipment

Passengers are to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Travel and follow the instructions by the operator to ensure a safe travel experience. We reserve the right to prevent non-complying customers from travelling. Customers causing damage will be subject to prosecution with no exceptions. The operator shall not be liable for its consequences.